Simple pricing that scales with your needs

Our pricing is based on the number of guests you’ll manage and the number of devices you are going to use.

Number of guests

How many users will have virtual keys for your doors?

1 guest 100+ guests

Number of devices

How many Nold Open devices will be installed? Remember, one device can control two doors if its nearby.

1 device 5+ devices

Features included

  • check Access to Nold Cloud
  • check Activity feeds & reports
  • check SMS invites
  • check Date & time restrictions
  • check Zapier integration
  • check Import & export functions
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Nold is completely free for up to 10 guests and 5 devices
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All features

Check out why Nold is best for your modern access control system


  • Dashboard

    Web-based dashboard to manage your access control system remotely

  • Guest management

    Manage unlimited number of guests, add and remove access remotely

  • Device groups

    Create groups for your doors to easily manage large number of entry points

  • Recurring access

    Setup scheduled access for your guests. i.e. every friday between 8AM and 10AM

  • Date limits

    Setup starting dates and expiration times for your shared keys

  • Key copying

    Let your guests share access with others

  • Day passes

    Create keys that works for certain number of days per month or week

  • SMS Invites

    You can invite guests using their phone number too, not just via emails

  • Share with QR codes

    Display a QR code for faster on-site key sharing with visitors

  • Email templates

    Use your own branding in the invitation emails when sharing access with your guests

  • Outgoing SMTP settings

    We can send emails on your behalf or use your custom SMTP credentials

  • Import & export

    Import large number of guests from an Excel file

  • Tablet friendly

    Nold Cloud is optimized for mobile devices. Perfect for iPads and other tablets

  • Bulk actions

    Select multiple guests to manage their access

  • Multi user support

    Add multiple users with different roles to manage your keys and guests

  • 1000+ Apps & integrations

    Connect Nold to other web services your business depends on with Zapier

  • API access

    Integrate Nold with your current guest management system

  • Webhooks

    Instant notification of activity in Nold

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Make your workflow move faster with shortcuts for common actions

  • Gateway mode(beta)

    Check door status remotely with Nold Cloud or with your phone

  • iOS and Android apps

    Nold works with most iPhones(4s+) and Android devices(5.0+)

  • Apple Watch support

    The shared keys can be used with an Apple Watch too

  • NFC support

    Open your doors by touching your Android phone to an NFC tag

  • Custom application design

    Setup your own branding by uploading a background image and custom description for your keys

  • Auto Open

    When you get close, Nold can sense your iOS device and open the door automatically

  • Activity feeds & reports

    Nold logs every event that happens with you and your guests

  • Real-time notifications

    See your guests activity in real-time in the dashboard

  • Weekly summary

    Receive an email every week that summarizes your usage of Nold

  • Push Notifications

    Instant notification on your mobile device of Nold activity

  • Advanced filters

    Filter reporting data by device, guest or date

  • Printer-friendly

    All reports have a beautiful printer-friendly layout

  • Export to CSV

    Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file


  • Garage doors

    Nold is compatible with most garage door openers

  • Entry gates and barriers

    Nold Open is compatible with most entry gates and barriers

  • Two relays

    One device can control two doors separately

  • Electric doors

    Nold Open is compatible with most electric strikes, magnetic door locks

  • Various operation modes

    Widely configurable operation modes, parameters for all use-cases

  • Easy installation

    Due to its small size, Nold can be installed easily in existing locations

  • High-quality parts

    Built using high-quality parts from Würth, Nordic and

  • Made in Europe 🇭🇺

    Nold is manufactured completely in Europe, Hungary

  • Firmware updates

    OTA updated to improve features and security in the future

  • Bluetooth security

    AES encoding, man-in-the-middle attack prevention, custom developed authentication methods and more

  • Variable power supply

    Nold works with your existing system's power supply, no need for an external one


  • 99.98% uptime

    We understand how important reliability is to your business

  • GDPR compliance

    Nold complies with the EU's data protection laws

  • SSL & TLS (email) encryption

    Bank-level security protects all your company data

  • PCI compliance (Level 1)

    Payment information is stored and processed securely

  • Cloud Security Alliance

    Nold is registered with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

  • ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

    Nold datacenters are compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certifications

  • SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3

    Nold datacenters are compliant with SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certifications

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Frequently asked questions

Will I pay more for some features? add_circle_outlineremove_circle_outline

All prices indicated are flat, so you have access to all features by default, except API access. For that, we offer custom pricing. Contact us for more details.

What forms of payment do you accept? add_circle_outlineremove_circle_outline

We accept Paypal and all major credit and debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club. Payments are powered by Braintree.

Can I pay yearly? add_circle_outlineremove_circle_outline

Not at the moment. You will be billed each month based on your usage in the billing period. You can monitor your usage in the Billing menu. If you really need yearly payment, we can setup a custom plan for you.

Can I cancel at any time? add_circle_outlineremove_circle_outline

Yes. After you cancel your account, you won't be charged again, but you will be asked to remove some of your guests from the system, to reach the free(15) limit.

Will I be charged sales tax? add_circle_outlineremove_circle_outline

If your billing address is in the European Union, you will be charged VAT based on your country. If you have an EU VAT number or if your billing country is outside of EU, you won't be charged saley tax.

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