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Manage your doors and guests remotely using our web-based dashboard from anywhere.

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A single place to manage all of your guests & devices

Nold Cloud is an easy to use dashboard that lets you manage your Nold Open devices in the cloud, even if they are located in multiple locations. Works in every browser, even on your tablet.

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A clear system for advanced guest management

It's time to say goodbye to access cards and key fobs. Simply invite guests by using their email address and they can access your doors with their phones. You can setup time restricted keys or even recurring dates for temporary access.

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Be up-to-date wherever you are

Nold Cloud shows you who and when used your keys. You get real-time notifications on your phone about important events. Data stored in the cloud can help you analyzing your visitor's behaviour and improving your business.

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Connects with your favorite apps

Our Zapier integration allows you to connect hundreds of apps in minutes to automate tasks, like sending keys to guests, or getting notified when they use it. If you have a custom application to connect, you can use our Webhooks and API too.

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This coworking management app can send keys automatically to your guests and revoke it when they leave.

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Get notified instantly when someone used one of your keys. Kinda like a doorbell.

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Zoho People

With this employee management software, you can share access automatically when a new employee arrives in your company.

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Google Calendar

Adding a new calendar entry can send a guest a key with start and expiration date automatically set.

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Our webhook service will notify a URL of your choice on every event that occurs in your activity feed.

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Nold Cloud API

We provide a secure, REST based API that helps you setup custom integrations with your own app.

Design custom keychains

You can customize the information that’s shown on your keys at any time to show off your brand identity. You can customize the invitation email we send to your guests, and you can change the look of the Nold mobile app by adding a background image and description of the key, so it could look like its your own app.

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Discover the additional features making Nold Cloud complete.

  • Transfer ownership Move entire devices between accounts without the need for a new activation
  • API access Integrate Nold with your current guest management system
  • Custom emails Use your own branding in the invitation emails when sharing access with your guests
  • Share with QR codes Display a QR code for faster on-site key sharing with visitors
  • Import & export Import large number of guests from an Excel file
  • SSL encryption Bank level security protects all your company data
  • 99.98% Uptime We understand how important reliability is to you and we actively monitor performance
  • Works on tablets Nold Cloud is optimized for mobile devices. Perfect for iPads and other tablets
  • Premium support We help you in setup, integration & maintenance

Simple, straightforward pricing

Free plan Free

Manage large number of guests and devices in the browser.

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Premium Starting from 10
per month

Advanced key sharing, activity feed, API access and more.

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Feature comparison Free Premium
Number of devices Unlimited
Buy devices separately, one by one
Additional devices with discounts
Number of guests Unlimited Unlimited
Key sharing
Share unlimited access to your guests
Advanced sharing
Create time limited and recurring access for your guests
10 keys
Activity feed
See your guests activity in real-time
Stored for 5 days
Get notifications on your phone about your guest’s activity
Import guests
Import large number of guests from an Excel file
API access
Integrate Nold’s functionality into any app using our open API
Support Email Premium support
Share with QR codes
Display your shared keys as a QR code for faster invitations
Bulk actions
Select multiple guests and keys to edit them
Custom emails
Use your own branding in the invitation emails

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