Wiring diagrams for Nold Open


Even if your garage door or gate opener is not listed below, Nold Open will most likely work with it. Do you want to verify if your opener is compatible with Nold Open? Send us a message and we will tell you.

Most residential garage door and gate openers are compatible with Nold Open. Nold Open works like a simple push button you might already have for your door. After installing Nold, your existing wall switch and traditional remotes will work just like before.

If you have any doubts whether your opener is compatible with Nold, feel free to contact us. If you have a wall switch already installed, you can perform this simple test to verify compatibility: follow the two wires coming from the push button to your opener. Where it connects to the circuit board, touch them together for a moment. If that makes your door open, stop and close, then your garage door opener supports a standard push button, therefore it will be compatible with Nold Open as well.

Below we listed the most common garage door and gate opener brands. It’s worth mentioning that Nold works with other access control solutions too, like magnetic door locks, electromechanical locks and anything that requires a low voltage push button to operate. And not just that… you can change the operation mode on both outputs to work like a light switch. For example you can hook up your LED lights or your alarm system to Nold Open.