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Nold for gated communities

You live in a gated community or apartment building? Nold brings keyless access to communal entryways.

Convenient & secure control

A simple way for residents and guests to gain access to gated communities and apartment buildings with their smartphones. Access to common areas such as gym, garage, pool or store room can be also limited by the owners.

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Perfect for residents. Guests save time by avoiding long lines in front of the security gate or to enter any access code. With one tap on their phone, residents are able to enter the community.
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Community Control. Admins can easily grant or revoke access from the residents via Nold Cloud, our web-based application. They can view entry logs, move-ins, move-outs and provide temporary access to maintenance staff.

Works with any kind of entry gates and barriers

Nold Open can be connected to most entry gates, barriers or pedestrian gates easily. Since it's a modular system, your existing remotes and keypads will still work as usual.

Your keychain on your phone.

You can manage your keys using our free Android or iOS application. Grant access easily for your friends and family members. Setup Auto Open, and your doors will open automatically when you arrive home, without the need of taking your phone out of your pocket.*

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  • bluetooth Works on iOS and Android with the latest and most secure wireless technology
  • vpn_key Multiple keys and devices can be added to the same app, allowing you to manage all your keys in a single place
  • people You can share access easily with your guests, without the need to copy physical keys or buying additional remotes

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Nold in your space

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