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Nold for Airbnb

Manage your guests remotely with Nold Cloud to provide self check-in and check-out for your guests

Convenient secure control
from booking to cleaning

Send invitations to your guests by email and grant time-limited access for them! Share unlimited number of keys and track who used them.

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Perfect for your guests. Your guest will receive a virtual key to your apartment which opens the door only in the specified time. Self check-in and check-out solved!
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Easier for your cleaning staff. With Nold Cloud, you can followup your guests' booking and schedule the cleaning on time.

One device to improve short-term property renting

Nold Open works with most electric locks, intercoms, garage doors and gate openers. The wide variety of compatibility options make it possible to access not only apartments but parking spaces too.

Compatibility & wiring instructions

Improve the guest experience

Use our dedicated platform to generate access for your guests. Select the check-in & check-out dates to invite your guest, who will receive an email including a link to the Nold application. You get a notification when your guest arrives and on the check-out date the access will automatically expire.

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  • vpn_key Manage your doors from any laptop or smartphone, view user activity in real-time, and invite guests from anywhere
  • email Customize the invitation email using your own brand and provide additional information to the guests
  • lock Increase the safety of your property and of your guests. Don't waste more money & time for copying spare keys or changing locks. Go to the cloud and take the control!

Talk to our team to help integrating
Nold in your space

Our expert team is ready to advise you related to the different access control solutions. If you have questions, fill out the form and talk to the people who know it best.

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