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Nold for offices

It's time to say goodbye to access cards and key fobs. Now there’s a better and simpler way to access your office with just your phone.

Simple tools, advanced access management

The Nold Cloud browser-based app has a simple interface that allows office administrators to easily manage the access of employees, contractors or visitors.

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  • location_on Manage Nold Open devices from a single dashboard, even if they are located in multiple places
  • access_time Provide time restricted or recurring access to your guest. Perfect for co-working spaces or for the maintenance staff.
  • code Connect your existing guest management system with Nold to automatize guest related tasks

Works with your existing doors

The Nold Open device can be connected to any existing access control system, like keypads, card readers and electric door locks. Nold extends your system, so your current access methods will still work.

Features to help you run your co-working space and office

Nold offers great features to improve your business, like checking who and when entered your office, providing temporary access to visitors, importing large number of guests, creating groups and more.

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Talk to our team to help integrating
Nold in your space

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