It took 1-2 minutes to get familiar with the app

Avatar Gabor Meszaros
Owner, chocoMe

I launched my business in 2010. Initially, the main focus was on the chocolate-bar production, then we continuously broaden our product line. Nowadays, the hand-made chocolates are delivered to 31 countries.

Earlier we used only remote controls to enter the warehouse but it was too complicated. We couldn't purchase as many remotes as we needed.

One of my friends suggested me to try Nold and replace the old remotes. I got a contact to the installer team, I called them and talked about this solution. After 1-2 days they have already installed the device in our gate and helped us with the application setup.

Basically, it took 1-2 minutes to get familiar with the app as the instructions were clear and obvious.

We provided access to the operator, the warehouse-manager, the office workers and to those contractors who visit the warehouse on a daily basis.

Therefore they could avoid getting off the car, pushing the bell and disturb the receptionist.

It was evident to give them authorized access as we are working with them for a long time, so we trust each other.

In the beginning, opening the gate with the phone was a bit unusual for the colleagues but shortly they got used to it. They don't look for the keys in their pocket or bag, they don't worry if the keychain is left in the office or in the car.

We don't face these problems anymore as our phone is always with us!

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