We do not use the Nold system to monitor the employees, although we can track the overwork of the developers, which is a great function

Imre Téti
CEO, Konasoft Ltd.

The Konasoft team - an IT provider company - was one of our first clients: they develop software solutions for the government and multinational companies. However they were skeptical against Nold access control solution in the beginning, they got used to sharing virtual keys quite fast.

We were talking with Imre Téti, CEO of Konasoft

Enjoying the comfort from anywhere, anytime.

„My basic problem was how to share access with the workers who constructed my family house. They needed access to different places: to the garage, to the background buildings or to the garden.

In the beginning, I shared remote controls with them, which were usually lost, or left at other workers or left outside in the rain, therefore, got damaged. Replacing them was time-consuming and expensive.„

I was looking for a solution which enables me to share access remotely.

At this point Imre found Nold, which helped him to share virtual keys from anywhere anytime. Even if he wasn't on the construction, the workers could easily get in to the field and start working on the house. At the end of the construction, he could simply revoke all of the accesses.

After all, it was evident to apply this technology in my office as well.

20 employees are working in the Konasoft office: developers, cleaner & maintenance staff who are in the building in different time periods. Some of them prefer the early mornings, while others are coming to the office during the weekend. As the team was growing, they replaced the traditional keys with Nold virtual keys, that are managed via a cloud-based platform. Most of the employees have unlimited access, but there is some service provider (eg.: maintenance), who received only time-limited keys.

If somebody decides to control a gate or electronic lock with Nold, it requires just a few minutes to connect the device to the lock and setup with the Nold Open application.


  • The app has a modern and clean design
  • Transfer ownership feature „Providing access to new hires is not necessarily the CEO's task. As part of the hiring process, my colleague could share a virtual key with the employee easily and quickly."
  • Activity feed „Luckily we have a good atmosphere in the office, therefore we do not use the Nold system to monitor the employees. Although we can track the overwork of the developers, which is a great function."
  • Customized invitation emails „ This is a useful feature not only in the offices, but also in the hotel industry."
  • 0/24h customer service „ Incredibly fast and helpful!” „How do you know if the software is good or not? You should check how fast its developers solve the bugs! In the case of Nold, the team replied to my comments really fast and solved the emerging problems quickly."

Employee reactions

In the beginning, the employees were quite skeptical when they realized that they don't need traditional keys, but a mobile application to enter the office. They experienced the system's benefits soon, as it wasn't a problem anymore if somebody left the key at home or in the car.

We like the fact that we found a technological solution to an old problem! - said the developer colleagues.

The mobile phone is always in their pocket, therefore entering the door with Nold is more comfortable and easier. The office manager is responsible for key sharing. She sends the invitation by email which includes the download link of the Nold Open application. Once they download the app, they receive the virtual key immediately, without registration.

"Since Nold is setup, I only use the app to access the office. I left my keys at home and didn't even touch them." - remarked one of the colleagues.

When we asked how do they see the future of our company, Imre Téri replied:

At the moment I do not know any alternative solutions on the market, which would have similar features. However "IoT" became a popular topic, there aren't so many key-less solutions on the access control market.

In my view, the brand is going in a great direction to making Nold famous for phone-controlled electronic locks. The team is working hard and able to deal with emerging challenges. With Nold Open they created a working solution, among the first on the market, as a Hungarian company. That's amazing! It's a cutting-edge technology, which I'm really thankful for! It made my life more comfortable! Nold is the creation of a team of experts!

Introducing Zapier Integration

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve integrated Nold Cloud with Zapier.


The Konasoft team - an IT provider company - was one of our first clients: they develop software solutions for the government and multinational companies

Introducing Nold 2.0 for Android

We're excited to launch Nold 2.0 on Android! Completely rebuilt from the ground up for better user experience, features and performance, Nold 2.0 delivers a design upgrade that makes using your virtual keys even more intuitive, fast, enjoyable and ultimately, more effective. Find out what's new below.

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