Introducing Nold 2.0 for Android

We're excited to launch Nold 2.0 on Android! Completely rebuilt from the ground up for better user experience, features and performance, Nold 2.0 delivers a design upgrade that makes using your virtual keys even more intuitive, fast, enjoyable and ultimately, more effective. Find out what's new below.

A new view of your keychain

The first thing you'll notice when you open Nold 2.0 is the completely new keychain layout.

  • We moved the keys from the top to the bottom, so its easier to reach with one hand
  • The keys are now slightly bigger and there's more space for your photos too
  • At the top of the screen, you'll see the most important information about your guests and devices, based on your activity feed
  • Slide left or right on your keys to quickly access settings and your guests

New virtual keys

As mentioned earlier, we made the keys slightly bigger, but that's not the only changes about them:

  • We've got rid of the unnecessary details and design elements, so you can focus on whats really important
  • The details of the shared keys (like expiration dates, recurring times etc…) are displayed a lot clearer now
  • If you are using your Nold Open device as a light switch, we are now displaying the status of the switch on the key
  • New connecting animations(you might have seen this on Nold Cloud) and you can enable sound and vibration notification when you use your keys

Connect on start and custom branding

One of the new features is connect on start, which can display your door's status(if you have an open & close sensor installed) in Bluetooth range when you start the app. Its pretty simple: closed circle means your door is closed, an open one means its unlocked.

The custom branding option is targeted for business users. In Nold Cloud, you have a new option called Key branding, where you can upload a background image and set up a custom introduction text for your keys. Once your customer or guest receives a key like this, the app will transform into your own design.

Other notable features

  • The interface where you manage and invite your guests has been completely changed, so its easier to add new guests and to select the key type you want
  • When you are selecting a guest, your phone contacts will load a lot faster now. Like 1000% faster.
  • You can check the Nold Cloud subscription status in the mobile app too
  • Setting up a new Nold Open device will group the relays in a single search result, so its easier to set up when you have more than one device nearby
  • Advanced settings have been redesigned to make it clearer what each option does
  • When you receive a shared key, a new welcome screen is displayed to let you know who sent the key to you
  • And a lot more, like a new device setup process, new settings menu and of course, various performance improvements and bugfixes

We're excited to release Nold 2.0 on iOS too. Its still in the works, so follow this blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter to get notified when these changes are available on your iPhone too!

If you find bugs or have additional feature requests, please feel free to email us or leave a comment below.


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