We shared virtual keys with approx. 40 people.

Avatar Gábor Erdei
Studio manager, Well Advertising Agency

Those who arrive by car, finding a parking place is problematic. Due to the heavy traffic, you cannot park next to the road and the agency doesn't have so many remote controls to the entrance gate. To solve this problem, the management decided to purchase a Nold Open device.

We connected the device to a swing gate and operate the two side separately with the application. We shared virtual keys with approx. 40 people, they got unlimited access. The majority rarely uses the remote control, as the phone is always in their pocket.

Gábor Erdei emphasized that the device has an outstanding operating distance: "I wouldn't even expect that Bluetooth technology could work stably from 20-30 meters.

We are using the Nold applications with the colleagues for a long time and continuously following up the development of the Nold Cloud platform. At the beginning we experienced some software issues, but the developers resolved them quickly."

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Budapest Metropolitan University

Originally the office workers at the Budapest Metropolitan University were looking for a radio frequency remote controller when they found Nold.

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