New features for Nold business users

Today we are releasing a bunch of new features for our business users. We have many clients that use Nold in an office space, coworking office, schools, large industrial sites etc... If you are one of them, you'll certainly enjoy these new additions!

New activity feed and reports

We're excited to release a new reporting feature, which will help you analyze and optimize your business. So what's new? Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Your activity feed now includes a heat map showing the busiest and quietest days and hours based on your guest's key usage
  • A few highlighted metrics - like the average key usage per day - gives you a quick overview at whats going on
  • Both the heat map and the activity feed can be filtered by multiple devices and guests
  • The new report can be printed out or saved as a pdf file

Multi user support

We are glad to announce that today we have released multi-user accounts. You can give your assistant/office manager/hr team or anybody else access to your Nold account but with limited capabilities.

Adding users to your account is a breeze. Head to the Users section under your profile and you'll immediately see the form to add users. All you require is a name, email and choose between two permission options:

  • Administrator: this role will let the user add new guests, except guests added by you or other administrators.
  • Owner: this role works exactly like your own account, so the user will see every guest and their data

Once the new user is added, they can sign in and manage your guests. You can change the role of the user on the fly or simply delete them if needed. And of course, you, as the owner can see which user added a specific guest to your system.

Invite guests by SMS

One of the most requested features was to invite guests using SMS instead of the email address (you can also send both, it's up to you).

How it works? It's super simple: we added a new phone number field to the invite form. Add the number here in an international format and the guest will immediately receive an SMS containing the link for your virtual key, which redirects either to the relevant application store or opens the Nold Open app directly if already installed. Just like the email invitations, you can customize the text of the message too.

New integration page

We added a new page called Integrations, where you can quickly access all of our developer tools: Zapier, Webhooks and Custom API. We also created a new page for developers, which you can access here. This page includes our full API documentation and detailed informations about our Webhooks.

If you are looking for a custom integration, feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do about it.

Introducing Zapier Integration

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve integrated Nold Cloud with Zapier.

Release notes: November

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the recent product improvements we’ve made, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. Here's what we launched in November.

Introducing Nold 2.0 for Android

We're excited to launch Nold 2.0 on Android! Completely rebuilt from the ground up for better user experience, features and performance, Nold 2.0 delivers a design upgrade that makes using your virtual keys even more intuitive, fast, enjoyable and ultimately, more effective. Find out what's new below.